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The Benefits Of Choosing Our Law Firm

At Simis Law Group, our lawyer’s combination of experience, efficiency, affordability and personalized service has made us a top choice for both clients and other legal professionals since our founding. If you have a legal need related to real estate, landlord-tenant matters or financial issues, you, too, can benefit from choosing our law firm.

Our Primary Focus At Simis Law Group

At our South Orange County law office, the majority of our work is in unlawful detainer actions and foreclosure defense.

Our highly respected and successful landlord-tenant practice brings property owners to us when evictions are their only remaining option. From helping our clients draft eviction notices to taking additional legal actions if tenants do not adhere to the conditions set forth in the notices, we work with our clients throughout the legal process to ensure the protection of their investments.

Our foreclosure defense practice helps real estate investors when their ownership or right to possession is challenged in a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit.

Our Firm’s Additional Practice Areas

In addition to our primary practice areas, we also help clients seek debt relief from stay related to bankruptcy filings initiated during eviction and wrongful foreclosure related litigation so that the client can obtain possession and/or continue to prosecute its lawsuit.

We also assist individuals and companies with buying and selling real estate in Southern California. As part of our real estate practice, we also offer representation to those involved in litigation stemming from real estate transactions and title insurance issues.

Why Work With Simis Law Group?

If you still wonder why you should choose to work with Simis Law Group, you can learn more about the benefits of choosing our firm’s experienced attorney to be your legal ally during an initial consultation. To schedule a meeting, you can email us to make an appointment at our conveniently located Aliso Viejo law office.

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