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Lawsuit Success: The Approach Of An Experienced Legal Professional

Attorney Micole E. Simis, the founder of our law firm, Simis Law Group, has nearly 15 years of experience as a trial lawyer in California. Over the course of his career, he has learned how to creatively approach lawsuits in order to have the best chance for obtaining favorable outcomes without going to court.

Litigation Is Not Always The Answer

Unlike many trial attorneys, Mr. Simis does not head directly to court. Instead, he works to help our clients find solutions using more efficient and cost-effective methods. In fact, he begins most cases with a simple letter or phone call. The success he has had from simply writing a letter has left many clients not only surprised but also thrilled with the ease with which he solved what they thought were complex legal problems.

When letters fail, attorney Simis begins exploring other methods. Generally, he first attempts to solve legal disputes by facilitating informal negotiations. When this method fails, he usually turns to mediation. With the help of a neutral third party, many lawsuits end in agreeable solutions without the need for litigation.

When Litigation Is The Answer

When litigation is the answer, our attorney knows how to successfully bring or defend a lawsuit. Mr. Simis works with our clients to understand the circumstances that led to the need for a lawsuit and the details of the disagreement before he decides on his approach to litigation.

Discuss Your Dispute With Our Lawyer

If a lawsuit is in your future, whether it stems from a real estate dispute in South Orange County or another legal issue, and you would like to discuss your situation with our lawyer, you can do so by emailing us. During your initial consultation at our Aliso Viejo law office, you can learn about our attorney’s creative approach to trial law.

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