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Efficient And Cost-Effective Legal Assistance

We provide both efficient and cost-effective legal assistance to individuals, businesses, real-estate investors, landlords and other attorneys throughout Southern California.

A Real Estate-Focused Firm
We have focused on real estate for nearly 15 years.
A Leading Firm In California
Learn why we are the first choice for many Californians
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Providing Solutions To Complex Legal Problems

At Simis Law Group, our founding attorney, Micole E. Simis, has focused primarily on real estate law since he began his legal career in 2002. Today, nearly 15 years later, he is an experienced legal professional to whom other professionals in South Orange County and beyond turn to for assistance when they face complex legal problems.

In addition to our primary real estate practice, our law firm also helps clients who have legal needs in other areas, including bankruptcy and foreclosure defense related to real estate investment litigation, landlord-tenant matters, including unlawful detainer actions, title insurance litigation, and construction defect litigation.

If you would like to discover the benefits of having our attorney as your legal ally, you can email us to schedule an appointment.

A Trusted Legal Partner In Southern California

Since our firm’s founding, we have built a reputation as one of Southern California’s most trusted legal partners. In fact, over the past decade, countless landlords, business owners, individuals and other attorneys have turned to us for assistance with all of their complex real-estate related litigation needs.

Whether you are buying or selling residential real estate or you are a company leader or attorney evaluating potential real estate investments, attorney Simis can add efficiency and experience to your team.

Creativity Is The Key To A Successful Lawsuit

Over the course of his career, our attorney has served as a member of countless trial teams. However, as an experienced trial attorney, he knows that litigation is not always the answer. In fact, he works diligently to keep his clients’ cases out of court by using creative approaches designed to succeed without the need for extensive litigation.

If you are considering filing a lawsuit, you could benefit from discussing your situation with our lawyer. Mr. Simis can explain your legal options and act as your guide toward reaching a resolution without the need to spend valuable time and money on litigation.

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